There were many promising cricketers around at that time with whom I played and have great admiration for to this day, Including John Watkins, Bob Parsons, John Gaydon, Terry O'Leary. Mike Cope, Les Saunders, Nev Gwyn, Clive Rees and Alun Hunt to name but a few.

Did you know that we had a future Lord in our playing ranks in those days? A diminutive slow left arm round bowler named Keith Brookman was a highly promising player in the early 50's who later became Lord Brookman - there's a chance for a little name-dropping if the need arises!!

I moved away from the town later and lost touch with the happenings at the Cricket Club but always read newspaper reports and scores and still delighted in Ebbw Vale League victories. For the last twenty years I have been involved with Usk Cricket Club and serve on the Monmouthshire Cricket Management Committee, so you see what I meant by a life-long interest. I hope to be on the Ground a little bit next season, so if you see a grey haired wrinkly usually with his mouth open, please come on over and have a chat.

Best Wishes for the future at Ebbw Vale Cricket Club.

J.P. Thomas

July 2002

(Updated by Malcolm Keane November 2007)